Brand Development

What is a brand? Your brand is the vehicle that enables you to create a lasting connection to your customer and convey the quality and value of your product.

Impacting Your Target Audience

The ultimate goal of your brandis to shape perception and expectations. Your brand must represent and communicate the characteristics that make your company unique. It must make you recognizable.

From your logo to your marketing and advertising, your brand is your visual representation. The graphic design of your identity should be created by someone who understands how to capture your character.

Simple researches and constructs a strategic design and brand identity that embodies the culture of your company and differentiates you from your competitors. Remember, good brands build companies. Let Simple provide the expertise in making sure that you connect with those that need your products and services the most.

Here are a few samples of our branding & Identity pieces, for more see our portfolio:

White Orchid Logo Comps

Sampling of logo comps for White Orchid Interiors.

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